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 Pocket Ink blog is the art work of Shane Collins

Hi there,

I'm just a guy who loves to draw & colour and do all kinds of arty things.
I love creating and designing new characters, all I want to do is create something that didn't exist before I sat down and put pencil to paper, or pen to tablet or paint to canvas or spilled sugar/ tea marks on a table top, you get the idea.

This is my passion and it always will be. I’m the guy who can’t stop drawing, doodling making marks on surfaces, I just enjoy it too much. It’s my way of exploring the unknown as well as the known, if your not creating something you’re
not living!
I’m fascinated with all types of art,  I love animation, painting, storytelling, sketching, visual language, photography, poetry and movies.

As a career progression I began studying  Animation at BCFE straight after secondary school and haven't looked back since. These days I'm currently working in the freelance sector and would love to break into the animation sector here in Ireland.

Hopefully you can find something you like on my blog please feel free to send any comments or suggestions my way or indeed if your looking for a custom piece feel free to contact me on: shanepatrickryancollins@gmail.com

Shane Collins

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