Sunday, October 1, 2017


Day 20_The Struggle 

Day 19_Tea Break 

Day 18_Pumpkin 

Day 17_Autumn Walk

Day 16_Jake the Snakes Son 

Day 15_Happy Bird

Day 14_Epic Chicken 

Day 13_Tree King 

Day 12_An Apple a day ... 

Day 11_Emo girl

Day 10_Self Portrait

Day 9_Anger

Day 8_Larika

Day 7_Kitty

Day 6_Puppy

Day 5_Goodnight Sky

Day 4_Alberto Einstein 

Day 3_Witch_1

Day 2 _ Lil Henry Jekyll

Day 1 _ Hippie chick

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Lady in the Rain

So I finally managed to buy a decent graphics tablet Yay me :)
My bamboo has been officially retired.