Thursday, March 29, 2012

Marigolds !

Hey guys,

So here are the some Marigolds :) 

Marigolds are birds who take on human characteristics such as talking and wearing clothes.
They hang out at the “Tree of Nonsense” and don’t seem to serve any purpose.

The first image is of the self proclaimed King of the Marigolds who often wears the “Tree of Nonsense” as a crown (the tree is constantly changing shape and size).

The second image is of the Marigold Sheriff who is the last person you would want 
when there’s trouble as he’s a coward.

The last image of the Marigolds is of a typical little one. 

The above is a concept character design for side project I’m working on with a friend staring “Jimmy Nervous Jervis” a strange little boy who often finds himself in the mind of S. Freud .