Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Áurea s Picture .

Tell me a story, piped the little bird. Certainly, replied the cat, right after lunch .


  1. Reminds me a West African tale.
    A fox and a rabbit meet, the fox asks the rabbit if he's hungry and the rabbit says he is.
    The fox offers to go to the river with the rabbit and to fish a "Me".
    The rabbit asks, cautious but naîve, what is a "Me"? The fox tells him that he'll show him one when they see one in the water.
    So they dive in and look around in the muddy water.
    It is so muddy that they can't see each other, they dig in blindly looking for a "Me".
    At this moment the rabbit's hands are grabbed by something. He says "Who is this?".
    And the fox says "It's Me".
    The rabbit gets it but he's already half way down in the fox's belly...

    1. Nice Story Ludo,

      Thank you for sharing.